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What Are You In Search Of?

I Want Deeper Connection

Are you seeking deeper connection in your relationships? Here you will learn the secrets of deep connection and how you can ensure you are attracting the kind of partner, friends, and influences in your life that allow deep connection to exist.

I Want To Find New & Lasting Love

Do you want true love? Is attracting a lasting relationship that could lead to a lasting and happy marriage your goal? If so, then here you will learn some of my most important tips and principles you should know to allow you to attract exactly what you seek in your life.

I Want To Keep Love Alive Or Rekindle Faded Love

Love can be a difficult thing. Sometimes we grow apart when we never thought it possible. There is hope! Here I will share with you the keys to keeping any real relationship alive and thriving!

I Want To Ignite Passion & Enhance My Sexuality

Passion...romance...great connected sex...it's what you want, right? Unfortunately, we often allow experiences and circumstances in our lives to severely limit the type of amazing relationships we could be having. In this section, I will reveal to you what many of these causes, how to identify them, and how to remove the blocks you are allowing to hold you back from what you deeply desire!

Client Testimonial

"...Each time I meet with him I am increasingly amazed at his thoughtful perspective.  He is kind, empathetic, insightful, and wise beyond his years.  I am so grateful to have the opportunity to work with him.  Through our conversations, guided meditations, and recommended "homework" I feel so much more healthy and alive."

- Kristen W.
Los Angeles, CA

Client Testimonial

"...Just when I was about to give up on myself in finding that awareness and spiritual balance, Dr. Ray, in essence, came to save the day. 🙂

He is a therapist, a life-coach, a spiritual guide, and has me both growing in such a way no other person has been able to do thus far in my life.

I am looking forward to what the future sessions will do for me, not just for my spirituality and relationships with others, but in achieving my goals in life as well.

Thank you, Dr. Ray!"

- Wei H.
Redondo Beach, CA


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