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Are You Experiencing Any of These Common Challenges Regarding Relationships, Love, And Your Life?

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Intimacy and connection issues

Does your relationship feel stagnant without any passion. It feels more like a “roommate” situation. There is no playfulness or new adventures in the relationship. It feels boring. There are issues with intimacy, connecting, taking conversations and the connection deeper. A partner might withdraw when he/she feels he/she is getting closer. It’s a relationship where everything feels more on the surface. There are not a lot of conversations about feelings and what’s really going on with each other.


Unresolved discord

There is unresolved hurt, resentment, and other issues from the past that is keeping you from moving forward such as infidelity, family issues, ex-spouse interfering, or a feeling of betrayal. There might be a past event that your partner cannot get over.


Self-improvement for women

You desire to feel empowered and connected to your true feminine essence. You know you might have some resistance and fear of letting go of control. You are ready to unleash your attractive and irresistible self by still being grounded and conscious of your choices. You are aware that you have been more in masculine and survival mode and wish to allow yourself to become a better receiver and honored as a woman. Maybe you feel you have been too strong for the men in your life and your heart desires a man who can adore and take care of you. You desire an equal partnership. You are independent, do not need a man, but you want to open yourself up to the infinite possibilities of love without losing yourself. You know there is more radiance and light to your BEING and you feel you have never tapped into the chambers of your heart. You want your body and heart to connect to the fullness of love.


Transitional issue, life changes

If you’re a couple, you might have had a baby and are struggling for romantic time. You might be adjusting to motherhood and fatherhood. There are challenges such as dealing with lost of job or a death in the family. It might be a happy time but the adjustment and uncertainty such as moving to a new location is putting a strain on the relationship. Your schedules might be much different such as a partner is out of town a lot, going to school, or not available for other reasons.


Attracting your ideal lover

You are uncertain about the type of partner that you would like to attract. You feel fully available and ready to embark on a new journey toward meeting your ideal lover. You want more clarity including clear out any old relationship paradigms that no longer serve you so you can attract what you deserve.


Self-improvement for men

You desire to be more in alignment with your path and be able to offer your deepest love to the world and your lover. Becoming grounded and fully present in your sense of self so you can become more attractive and loving is your purpose. You maybe realize that you are too feminine or do not handle emotions very well and would like better direction to be able to stay conscious and more mindful during stressors in life and your relationships. You have a deep desire to tap into your inner hunter so you can be more assertive, confident, and a leader for work and your community. You desire to come more from a selfless place and walk your talk. You want to become a strong man and let go of some of your negative boyish traits. You desire to not be afraid of commitment and want to become better with following through. You want to learn how to say NO or YES with authenticity and staying true to your SELF.

Real Client Testimonials

After many sessions of conventional therapy and feeling like I was getting nowhere, I decided to make some changes. That’s when I called Ray, and his approach to therapy was exactly what I needed. I had never seen a male therapist before, and I felt more at ease and more myself with him than I had any other therapist, and more open to talk to him about all aspects of my life. He provided me with the ability to find the answers to the questions in my head within myself instead of pinpointing where they originated. I always left calmer with a deeper understanding of myself. I cannot thank Ray enough for the wonderful work he provides. If you are ready to step outside the box and move forward in your life, Ray is the therapist for you.

Regan C., Yelp

I felt I had reached a stagnant point in my life and wasn’t sure if I was on track anymore. From my fist session, Dr Ray helped me find everything I was seeking. He gave me the perspective and tools to move forward. My thinking has truly changed in the most positive of ways. I have read a decent amount of books written by therapists and healers and as I read each I’d sometimes wonder what it would be like to experience the advice, knowledge and presence of these amazing minds..I feel like i now know. I highly recommend Dr. Ray.

DL, Yelp

All kidding aside, it was the best decision I’ve made in a while…[M]y experience [working with Dr. Ray] has been nothing short of grace. I’m embarking on what most likely be the most important journey I’ve ever taken and I will always be grateful that I’ll have the guidance and support of Dr. Ray to get me moving and assist me on the way…[M]y perspective has shifted immensely in a very short period of time, I look toward the future with a sense of renewal, and that none of that would have happened at this moment, if it hadn’t been for Dr. Ray

Tammy R., Yelp

I had some issues with my family and myself that I just couldn’t solve on my own, but when I sat down for my consultation with Ray he summed up my problems with the first words out of his mouth. …Through working with Ray I was able to fix myself on the inside which allowed me to help me create a happier and more healthy person on the outside.

Aimee S., Yelp

I had 8 private sessions so far with him and I see deeper changes in my life, less fear and more understanding of how I attract unwanted events or people into my path. If you are open to experiencing a brand new journey to your deepest part of your true self, see Dr. Ray!

Toktam T., Yelp