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10 Best Things For Men To Do After A Breakup

https://youtu.be/LAO8EE4eAMY Dr. Ray gives 10 tips on how to move through a breakup. He understands how hard it could be and has used these exercises with his clients and himself. If you are going through a challenge due to a recent heartbreak, these tips will help....

Why Do I Attract The Same Type Of Men?

https://youtu.be/tWa7qVYdeHs Dr. Ray talks about the unconscious patterns we recreate in relationships. He shares how we are more attracted to survival patterns and what is familiar to us. He shares how an ex-client developed his attraction to women based off his...

Secret to Intimacy in Conversations – Every Woman Should Watch This

https://youtu.be/hCfzI8P9GY0 In this demonstration Dr. Ray works with a participant to show how to get men to be more present. This fun interactive video shows what would get a man’s attention and what presence is during a conversation.

Why Do Women Pull Back From The Relationship?

https://youtu.be/aADAc0_IJZc In this video, Dr. Ray talks about how a woman might get afraid due to past emotional hurt. He shares the experiences he has witnessed with clients and people he has met in his personal life. This video gives understand of the fears that...

The Art of Sexual Healing & Communication – Dr. Ray & Lessa Lamb

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SJeFbrUJTeA Dr. Ray and Lessa Lamb talk about the art of sexual healing and communication. This includes how we can be sexually attracted to a person and how we lose that attraction. Dr. Ray gets into the biochemical healing of sacred...

How To Trust In a Relationship – How To Trust Men

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ywsuQVx09dQ   Most women put all their trust in men and the relationship. When things are not going well with him or the relationship, they lose themselves. Also, when their man falters because of his personal stuff, they often...

What Trust Really Means To A Woman And Why It Is So Important

https://youtu.be/cw6eHBa2W8M Dr. Ray talks about what trust means for a woman on a biological and primal level. He talks about how women need to feel safe in order for them to fully surrender to a relationship and partner. Most men do not know why trust is so...

What A Strong Independent Woman Really Wants

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l828xVqW_rU Dr. Ray shares what is going on underneath the armor of women who seem guarded. After working with over 5000 clients, he has learned that there is softness in every woman that needs to be met with love and trust. When there...

Why a Man Should Be a Good Guy Rather Than the Nice Guy

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EUAz6PiIGlw   Dr. Ray talks about the “nice guy” who only does things to make others happy. This man isn’t masculine. In fact, he is non-confrontational to a fault. He’s the type of guy that people would say doesn’t have any balls....

How To Become A Irresistible Woman To A High Quality Man Interview

https://youtu.be/R9_DUy7mZr0 This interview delves into the qualities of a high quality woman. Dr. Ray talks about how this woman feels into life and connects to love itself. Much of what Dr. Ray shares in this interview is what he coaches when working with single,...

Here’s Some of Our Client’s Success Stories

Liz shares how Dr. Ray helped her and her family. She was able to find resolution and learn new skills.
Laura shares how Dr. Ray helped her alleviate around dating and meeting men. She developed a new sense of confidence.
Scott talks about how he was helped in navigating through business challenges. He was able to find new direction and accomplish his goals.
Denise talks about how she used to be needy. After working with Dr. Ray, she felt empowered.
I have been blessed to work with a lot of amazing clients. Some of them have gifted me by sharing their testimonials. I hope someday I can hear your story about the positive changes we make together! Are you ready to transform your life? Stop wishing for something better and start taking action. Book a free life-changing strategy call with me right now!
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