Are you a man who is ready to step outside of your edge to leave your unique thumbprint on this planet?

I help men, entrepreneurs, and fathers become extraordinary through productivity, purposeful leadership, and building community.

To become the man, the father, the leader, the lover, and the brother to other men, I had to dig in the trenches. I understand what it feels like to self-sabotage, compare myself to others, not think I am enough, not understand women, pretend I am fine when I am not, fear vulnerability, rejection, or being judged; to be angry all the time without knowing why; to feel overwhelmed, unmotivated, isolated, short on time, pressured to keep it together all the time, empty even when I have the girl, depressed; to masturbate too much, have suicidal thoughts, not be happy most of the time, and crave more connection with friends.

After working with several thousand men, I have learned the mystery behind what causes many problems for men today. Let me ask you some questions:

 Do you ever say these things to yourself?

  • I wish I had more confidence
  • I wish I had more passion and drive
  • I wish I could stay focused
  • I wish I had more energy
  • I wish I didn’t take things so personally
  • I wish I wasn’t so emotional
  • I wish I could make decisions better
  • I wish I could find the right woman

 Do you ever do these things?

  • Crumble and get defensive when your woman is angry
  • Blame others or outside circumstances
  • Allow women to take care of you
  • Seek approval and validation
  • Avoid communication and potential conflict
  • Stonewall or ghost people
  • Become jealous and insecure
  • Hesitate to ask for what you really want.
  • Have difficulty in saying NO without feeling guilty
  • Say YES too often
  • Lose yourself in relationships
  • Feel lonely if your woman isn’t giving you attention
  • Get embarrassed or ashamed if you are not perfect
  • Feel uncomfortable when someone gets too close
  • Fear sharing your feelings

 Have you ever been told some of these things?

  • Be more present
  • Man up
  • Be more decisive
  • Take responsibility
  • You have anger issues
  • You take things too personally
  • You can’t handle constructive criticism
  • You can’t hold space for your woman when she wants to share
  • You don’t take care of your body
  • You are not trustable
  • Just be honest and speak your truth
  • Just open up
  • You have commitment issues

If you can relate to what I mentioned above, you are an excellent candidate for my men’s coaching. My men’s program is a proven process through which I have already taken several selected men.

My process is not the typical on-the-surface coaching where I push you, hold you accountable, tell you to do things that you know already, and after we stop working together, you revert back to past negative behaviors.

WE CREATE PERMANENT CHANGES. The peak performance you will experience will be in all areas (career, relationships, health, purpose) of your life. You will literally change from the inside out. This means any negative beliefs about yourself, triggers that throw you off emotionally, and blocks that have kept you from moving forward will be eradicated. We will also introduce new philosophies and values to serve your greater good.

Using clinical experience, science-proven techniques, and eastern modalities, my hybrid coaching style will change your old mental programs and create the new framework for your success.

Some changes and new qualities my male clients acquire after working with me are:

  • Greater confidence and a clear plan
  • Wholeness and self-acceptance
  • Grounded presence
  • Directional and decisive
  • Follow-through and the ability to get projects done
  • Exceptional communication in business and intimate relationships
  • The ability to fully understand women,  including how to communicate better with them
  • Has become a better lover to his partner
  • Consistency in creating healthy daily rituals that connect him to his purpose
  • The ability to make life more fun with less effort and stress
  • Happiness and joy in the little things
  • Respect and overall increased vitality of his body
  • True to self – he doesn’t conform to what doesn’t feel good
  • Assertiveness and ability to speak his mind
  • Authenticity and congruency with his actions
  • Protects and stands up for what he believes
  • Is not afraid of confrontation if he feels it’s for a good cause
  • Doesn’t become deterred from his path during challenges
  • Takes control of his emotions
  • Expresses himself without allowing his emotions to take over
  • Becomes more sensitive but remains masculine and strong
  • Takes ownership of his challenges and learns from them
  • Is no longer afraid to make mistakes and lets go of perfectionism
  • Lets go of any wrongdoings towards him
  • Lets go of any negative experiences
  • Forgives his parents and takes full responsibility for his life
  • Establishes his own values beyond what he was taught
  • Doesn’t lose himself in his intimate relationships
  • Becomes comfortable with his sexuality and expresses what he likes
  • Becomes secure to let down his guards and be vulnerable
  • Is not afraid to hurt a person’s feelings if this means speaking his truth
  • No longer is a people pleaser or cares what others think about him

Due to my commitment to help you in a short period of time and the intensity required to create the most effective custom one-on-one program for you, I am selective with the men I coach.

Before we choose to work together, it important to make sure we are both aligned with each other’s goals, expectations, values, and personalities. In order to thoroughly determine this, I offer a FREE 90-minute discovery breakthrough session.

What has assured my 100% success with working with potential clients like you is my unique selection process. Please fill out my questionnaire thoroughly. If chosen, I will contact you and set up the discovery breakthrough session.

Please click here to download questionnaire

I truly appreciate your time. You will receive information shortly.


Dr. Ray

Real Client Testimonials

Dr. Ray is a talented teacher with a warm, calm demeanor.  He is very knowledgeable in many philosophies, and at the same time he is a student himself, constantly striving to learn more.  For these reasons, he doesn’t come off as a know-it-all.  Rather, he feels like a friend who you can be comfortable with sharing personal moments with.  He really connected with me and taught me principles that resonated strongly with me as a young man.  He is very easy to talk to and I had a breakthrough with him in just the first session.  I look forward to our appointments or just speaking with him on the phone if needed because he seems to always provide some piece of advice that clicks with me.  He even sent me a series of thorough, personalized audio recordings as opposed to a limited voicemail when he didn’t have time for a full phone call, and I still listen to that recording from time to time.  He describes himself as a relationship coach because he believes that we have relationships with our romantic partner, our career, our self, and all aspects of life including general happiness, and understanding this concept has been especially helpful for me. I highly recommend a few sessions with Dr. Ray, his guidance is the gift that keeps on giving!

Ryan S., Yelp

Ray has been a blessing in my life! He gave me the tools I needed to get past my issues and helped me see things in a new light! His sessions are deep, meaningful and full of substance. To this day I still use the methods he taught me and consider him to be a true friend (not the reason why I’m giving 5 stars). I can honestly say I might not be where I am today if it wasn’t for his help. To anyone having issues give Ray a call He is genuine and has a gentle demeanor that makes you comfortable to open up and get through it. Ray is the man!

Danny R., Yelp

Dr. Ray’s work with men to truly step into their masculinity is bar-none AMAZING. He integrates different modalities of coaching seamlessly and intuitively. His space is sacred and has a warm and very positive energy radiating from it. He’s a healer, a wise man, and someone who understands the struggles that men face in the chaos of the modern world. I look forward to continuing to work with him until I become the man I am fully capable of being.

Aaron K., Yelp

I had first encountered Dr. Ray because I was, in a way, searching for a spiritual mentor in my life. When I first found him, there was quite a bit of skepticism despite the great reviews on Yelp. A couple of sessions later I realized he is more than your typical “listen and agree” therapist and life coach.

He is proactive and interjects appropriately.  He provides helpful and relevant “homework” type materials in the form audio, video, and exercises that we have never experienced before. Just when I was about to give up on myself in finding that awareness and spiritual balance, Dr. Ray, in essence, came to save the day. 🙂

He is a therapist, a life-coach, a spiritual guide, and has me both growing in such a way no other person has been able to do thus far in my life.

I am looking forward to what the future sessions will do for me, not just for my spirituality and relationships with others, but in achieving my goals in life as well.

Thank you, Dr. Ray!

Wei H., Yelp

I’m good at reading people, and I could tell Ray was extremely different from me. He’s more of a performer, the kind of man that exudes an easy confidence about him in everything he does; and he does a lot of things! I usually don’t trust people like that, but Ray was different. With him this confidence wasn’t all show–he really is what he seems, as transparent as water. And like all wise people, he would rather bring out greatness in others than put them down to feel superior.

That last trait is what won me over. From the beginning, I felt a butch kind of nurturing from Dr. Ray. It’s very rare to see masculine nurturing and encouragement in a society that tells men to hurt each other if they want to be anyone in life. With his very practical approach, Ray was able to help me reach my emotions without the usual self-pity that haunts most of us.

Dr. Ray’s spiritual, kind, and no-bullshit wisdom addresses problems like very few do anymore. In a society in which shrinks are becoming more and more expensive and useless, Ray is the best psychologist/coach I’ve had the pleasure to work with. I couldn’t recommend him highly enough.

I would especially recommend him if you’re a guy who’s trying to reconnect with your masculinity in a non-destructive way.

Sergio G., Yelp

I’m a guy who grew up with a therapist for a father, so – without trying to sound like an arrogant prick – I generally intimidate most therapists because I’m smarter than them.  It takes a special person to help me work through issues.  I came to Dr. Ray through Yelp and although I only saw him for a few sessions, the guy is genuinely gifted.  He’s like a chill, surfer dude – with a deep soul and an ability to heal.  He’s a guy who doesn’t run in the mainstream, and that’s OK.  What separates him from the parade of idiot therapists out there is that he can speak from experience, and more importantly, he’s got a set of modalities and tools – culled from different cultures of healing all across the globe: i.e. energy healing, EMDR, hypnosis, Eastern thought, etc. – in addition to being well-versed in the Western view of more Freudian/Jungian models.  He’s like the Dude from Big Lebowski meets Robin Williams from Good Will Hunting.  He’s also a good role model for what men in this day and age should be.  You can’t go wrong with the guy.

Noah P., Yelp

Doctor Ray is a man of high integrity, compassion, and sensitivity. I was in the doldrums riddled with anxiety, fear, stuck in stories of my past, low productivity at work and had issues with developing relationships. I had my priorities all upside down. Through my working with Doctor Ray in his private sessions I was not only able to jump from 40 % to 100 % productivity but my overall life just got clear.

My Dad and me did not have the best of relationships through working with Dr Ray in one of my sessions I released the blocks with my Father and let it go. My father decided to visit me unexpected from India 4 days after that. This is just one of the manifestations in my life I can keep going on. I feel god working powerfully through Dr Ray’s Work. I am on the journey to a more centered and deeper connected sourced man after my work with Dr Ray.

Dr Ray has helped me be a man of high Vibrational Energy with women and men alike, something I can never repay him back for. If god and divine is in all beings Dr Ray has made me see what is not divine in me, sometimes that shift in energy itself is immensely profound as everything else will align once the root is aligned.

I highly recommend Dr Ray to anyone seeking help with anxiety, relationship issues, and negative energy in them and more. I say this after seeing over 6 therapists and attending countless workshops on personal growth. Will leave a message from mother Theresa, “People will hate you for loving them, keep loving anyways”

In Short, I have had measurable results and much more beyond after seeing him.
Keep up the good work Dr. Ray the world needs it and people like you so we can all be awakened:)!!

Sean M., Yelp