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Meet Ray Doktor, Psy. D.

Ray Doktor, Psy. D. has received his doctoral degree in clinical psychology. Prior to that, he earned a master’s degree in counseling psychology and his undergraduate degree in human behavior. He works as a relationship coach, practitioner of the healing arts, and accomplished speaker for workshops and seminars devoted to several areas of personal development.

Over the past 20 years, Dr. Ray used his experience working with others as well as his own long journey of personal development and self-actualization to craft an engaging, unique lecturing style.

He’s honed his lecturing skills around the world. Dr. Ray’s travels include the United States, Netherlands, Brazil, and England. He shared the same stages with Marianne Williamson, Bruce Lipton, John Gray, and Eckhart Tolle.

In addition to his formal clinical training, other advanced training includes: hypnotherapy, Gestalt therapy, guided imagery, Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR), Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), qigong, PSYCH-K, meditation, sound healing, and somatic experience. Dr. Ray’s mentorship involved world travel assisting Dr. Morris Netherton–a pioneer in his field and colleague of Fritz Perls, Carl Rogers, and Norm Shealy. He also studied under Mantak Chia and Master Hong Liu.

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Radio and TV Guest Appearances

The lecture podium isn’t the only place people heard him. He appeared on the E Channel, HBO, KCAL 9 Los Angeles, Playboy Radio, LA Talk Radio, and Talk America Radio.

His quotes and articles appeared in Psychology Today, Men’s Health, and the Los Angeles Times.

Dr. Ray’s mentorship involved world travel assisting Dr. Morris Netherton–a pioneer in his field and colleague of Fritz Perls, Carl Rogers, and Norm Shealy. He also studied under Mantak Chia and Master Hong Liu.

Dr. Ray’s love for learning and discovering ways to empower others allows him to bring a multi-dimensional approach to his talks appealing to anyone.

And yes, his real last name is Doktor. Everyone gets a laugh about it, so he is used to it.

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Why Choose Dr. Ray as Your Next Speaker?

If you are searching for a completely unique, authentic voice for your next speaking engagement, Dr. Ray won’t disappoint. His lectures are designed to be uplifting, inspirational, and humorous.

His down-to-earth approach to presenting topics like spirituality, consciousness, personal growth, and developing extraordinary relationships make it accessible to those unfamiliar with these subjects.

Here are just a few reasons Dr. Ray’s seminars stand out from other personal development talks:


Dr. Ray’s wisdom from clinical training and helping those dealing with trauma and other difficult issues gives him an expert perspective on the challenges facing just about everyone.


Dr. Ray candidly recounts his own journey from an angry young man with unhealthy appetites to his exploration of personal development and self-actualization through the healings arts.


He teaches philosophies and techniques from both Western and Eastern
perspectives. This hybrid approach uses the most effective approaches of
each culture in a complementary way.


This isn’t one of those boring, sit in an uncomfortable chair and listen
to someone spout off personal development clichés workshops. Dr. Ray
provides experiential and fun exercises to engage the audience and put
life to ideas and concepts.


Dr. Ray will make you laugh, think, examine your life, and shift your
perspective so you live more consciously, purposely, and with passion.

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Dr. Ray will make your next event an uplifting experience for all your guests!


Dr. Ray presents information simply and directly without going on and on. The experiential exercises we worked on put the ideas in a more physical form. During the breath work and other exercises, I sensed a shift on how I felt about myself.

I took away so much from Dr. Ray’s presentation! His down to earth approach and humor kept me engaged, while the information he discussed helped me better understand the issues I am going through. Now I feel more confident to tackle these issues and express myself better.

One key point resonating with me during Dr. Ray’s presentation was we all have struggles. It doesn’t matter how macho you are, we all have things we need to work on. This seminar was a great opportunity to talk freely with others and realize how similar we all are. It really helped calm my mind.

Some Topics Dr. Ray Covers


Fatherhood and Conscious Co-Parenting

These days more than ever, fathers are pulled in so many different directions to help provide for their families, care for their children, and find true meaning in their lives through the constant static of technology. Using a variety of exercises and techniques, Dr. Ray teaches fathers and families how to retrain their nervous systems to become more present to succeed in parenting, work, and the pursuit of true happiness.


Conscious Partnerships

For relationships to thrive and succeed, partners often need to shift the unhealthy stereotypes and paradigms unknowingly developed while growing up. Dr. Ray teaches couples to share their vulnerabilities and curiosities in a positive, impactful way so they can co-create a heart-centered relationship of support, mutual respect, and proactivity allowing growth for each partner and the relationship.


Extraordinary Men

Dr. Ray teaches men to connect to Source and fully embrace their authentic being. This connection teaches men to operate through their hearts rather than just their minds and bodies. This shift of perspective creates unique opportunities for personal development and expansion helping men face their inner struggles and become extraordinary men.


Passion and Purpose

Through a variety of experiential activities and exercises, participants discover their authentic selves and connect to their deepest passions. This shift in perspective allows the participants to live through their hearts and find a higher purpose bringing joy to their lives and a deeper connection with others and the world around them.

Choose Dr Ray as Your Next Speaker

If you plan on hosting an event where you truly want to change lives, Dr. Ray is waiting to hear from you. If you want to learn more how his speaking has changed lives or are interested in conducting an interview, please fill out the form below. Dr. Ray’s calendar fills up fast, so don’t hesitate to contact him now.